Taste of Summer: Over the water at the Galley Restaurant and Bar

Lawrence Dee | The Charlotte News

“The Ticonderoga used to stop here for overnights on its trip up and down Lake Champlain,” says Dee Carrol, co-owner and operator of The Galley, as we walked past the pictures covering the wall of her restaurant. She’s, of course, referring to the vessel that now stands in Shelburne Museum.

“The dock itself, although it has been rearranged and refurbished, was originally here since the war of 1812,” Dee explains as we sit at a table looking east over Lake Champlain. “In my own humble opinion,” laughed Carrol, “it is the best view on Lake Champlain.”

Speaking to the humble beginnings of both their business, and the history of the Marina, Dee said, “We started as mainly a snack bar for boaters looking to spend a sunny day on the beach, or link up to the dock for an overnight stay,”

The Carrols got their start in Westport in 1982. Having been a boating family, they understood what boaters needed and wanted—they wanted a convenient place to eat with good summer food and great service. The Carrol family took their own advice to heart, and it seems that’s what keeps families coming back.

What keeps them so devoted to their work?  Dee says it’s the location, family history, and friendly clientele that makes them content with the little slice of heaven they have carved out for themselves on the west side of the lake.

“At one point, all five of my grandchildren have worked here. My son Larry is a mechanic in the Westport work shop, as well as president of the marina,” Dee said, pointing to her son who was eating lunch with his family in The Galley during his lunch break.

With activities for all ages—from trivia night on Mondays to open mic nights on Wednesdays— boaters interested in exploring the other side of the lake will find something to do there. There is even a live music venue up the street. Burlington’s own Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band will be playing this Friday, July 31.

Looking for a little time off the water? Feel free to check out one of the many serene trails surrounding the area, or take the walking tour around the historic town of Westport.

Coming up this Labor Day weekend will be the 49th annual Lobster Festival hosted by the Marina and Carrol family. Be sure to call ahead as spots fill up fast and you have to make a pre-paid reservation.

The Scoop

What: The Galley Restaurant and Bar

When: Lunch/Dinner: Monday through Sunday 11-9; Sunday brunch: 11-2; Late night bar: Mon.–Sat. 9-close.

What you’re eating: Surf-and-turf style menu. Be sure to ask for the Lobster roll. It’s not listed on the menu, but it’s very tasty. They also have fresh salads from Juniper Hills farm, not more than 20 miles away.

What you’re drinking: A collection of house cocktails, standard beers, and a smattering of IPAs.

What you’re doing: Listening to live music, hanging with your dog (on the porch only), and enjoying the view from the other side of the lake. Mondays are trivia night and Wednesdays are open mic.

Where to find it: 20 Washington St., Westport, New York.

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