The Charlotte News annual fundraising – getting closer!

Last issue, we implored you to “Go Local! ” and support our advertisers. This issue, we urge you to follow in the footsteps of these most generous donors.

We are getting closer to our fundraising goal, but can’t stop here. We have raised about $14,000 for our basic expenses with a minimum goal of $25,000 before the year’s end.

As my father would say, “Close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.”  k15628179

This remaining portion of fundraising is crucial in covering our operating costs.  We’d, of course, love to crush that goal and make other projects possible—a new website, hiring a web editor and building a digital archive for starters—but not before we make the baseline funding mark!

Do you know a local business that might want to underwrite or sponsor the paper? Get in touch! Let’s talk about it.

Thank You! Gracias! Merci! Спасибо! Danke!

Donors to date as of August 6, 2015.


Alice Outwater

Valerie and William Graham



Craig and Susan Sim

Dr. Jack and Roberta Stetson

Denise Shekerjian and Michael Metz

Jason and Nina Bacon

Elizabeth Bassett and John Pane

Nancy Wood

Vince and Susan Crockenberg



John and Dorrice Hammer

Louisa and Mark Schibli

Shanley Hinge and Gary Franklin

Mark and Jill Lyons

Dale and Jerilyn Bergdahl

John Quinney and Colleen Armstrong

Peter Nobes and Lisa Simon-Nobes

Meg Smith

Gay Regan

Katherine Lampton

Donna and Remo Pizzagalli

Glenn and Sylvia Mitchell

Ben and Nan Mason

Edwin Amidon and Louise McCarren

David Blittersdorf

Raven Davis

Larry and Linda Hamilton

Thomas Henneberger

Richard Hertzberg and Deborah Loveitt

Julian Kulski and Lisa Bayle

Lane and Janet Morrison

Peter Demick

Lori Racha

Dick and Joan Weed

Andrea Regan

Robin Coleburn

Edd and Beth Merritt

Danielle and James Menk

Stephen and Margaret Foster

Lindsay Longe and Chris Mack

Frank and Elaine Ittleman

Mary and Jim Twitchell

Avery and Andrea Hall

Point Bay Marina

Andy and Birgit Deeds

Liz and Chuck DesLaurier

Stephen and Stella Hall

Lynne Bond and David Watts

Leslie Botjer

Robin and Bob Turnau

Jeff and Susan McDonald

Joan and Ted Braun



Mary Van Vleck

David and Jennifer Adsit

David and Marilyn Perrin

Ebeth and Tom Scatchard

Martha Perkins

Steve and Jane Ann Kantor

Carrie Spear

David Harcourt and Jennifer Chiodo

Barbara Lawrence

Carl and Carlanne Herzog

Kenneth and Carolyn Coleburn

Sue and Thomas Thibault

Nancy and David Pricer

Kennedy Snow

Constantine and MaryAnne Gatos

Tom and Lorna Bates

Meg Berlin

Wendy Bratt and Tom Powell

Laura Cahners-Ford

Bob and Elsa Carpenter

Bob and Aileen Chutter

Emile and Diane Cote

David Cray

Heather Dwight

Charles and Peggy Ferreira

Kathleen Fleming

Tim and Jenn Higgens

Marty Illick and Terry Dinnan

Kimberly and Jim Keyes

Robert and Yolande Larson

Karyn and John Lunde

Jeannie Macdonough

James and Kathleen Manchester

Hugh and Christine McBride

James and Alice Murdoch

Richard and Lynn Nurczynski

Gary and Donna Pittman

Sally Robinson

Lois Simone

Susan Smith

Robbie and John Stanley

Stephen Mayer

Stephany and Bruce Hasse

John and Michelle Jordan

Jane and Bill Michaud

Ann Mollo

Daniel and Susan Raabe

Sue and Dave Schermerhorn

Peter and Meredith Moses

Alexandra Lehmann

John and Nancy Calcagni

Eleanor Russell

Starr Brinckerhoff

Sarah Soule

Jodi and Jeff Smith

Tim and Mary Volk

Richard and Sandi Detwiler

David and Kimberly Ziegelman


Bill and Pat Wheeler

Deborah Cook

James and Sheila Mack

Debbie and Lamden Enzo Di Maio

Betty Ann and Don Lockhart

Joe and Martha Barton-Rivera

Nathaniel and Kay Carleton

Dana K. Hanley

Dale and Alice Hyerstay

Kiley Corporation

John and Susan Lavigne

Patricia McMullen

Sandy Schofield

Katherine Snead

Ruah Swennerfelt and Louis Cox

Teri and Michael O’Brien

Josephine Willis

Toby Goldsmith

Pam Baldwin

Rookie Manning

Sara and Tony Blake

Ben and Dorothy Naylor

Jennifer and Joshua Bagnato

George Howe

Gayle and Stanley Lane

John Sheehan

Walter Judge and Jean O’Neil

Francis J. Lesko

Shirley Marshall

Brigid Landler

Patty McMullen