The dreaded delinquent dog list


Sally, the Town Hall dog, is wondering when you plan to pay your doggie dues…

We’ve got 42 delinquent dogs this year and 28 wayward humans. If you find your name on the list, it’s time to head down to Town Hall and register your pup: $9 for neutered/spayed animals, $13 for intact males and females. The owner must present a current certificate of rabies vaccination.

If you’re on the list in error, please let us know—we apologize in advance.

Elizabeth Beldock—Eleanor, Emma, Teddy

Susan Blood—Homer

Ken Cameron—Suka

Carol Chenevert—Molarky

Laura Clemmons—Jade, Olive

Rick Devine—Darisus

Sheila Duffy—Izzy

Joanna Easton—Hendrix

Erich Finley—Bodhi

Mary Fisher—Arthur, Nia

Stacy Fraser—Fergus

Wendy Hawkins—Hendrix, Copper

Suzanne Hinsdale—Petal

Martha Hunt—Zoe

Woody Keppel—Junior, Bella

Martina Lemieux—Jules

Stacy Leveille—Hawker

Christin Linn—Charlie

Suzanne Lourie—Taz

Grant Manning—Buford

Amie McCarthy—Layla

Dorothy Partelow—Kuma, Tenshi, Keiko, Toshiro, Kamiko, Baby, Woodchuck, Whiteface

Loretta Waters—Sadie

Wade & Marc Weathers—Argos, Ajax

Kathleen Weidman—Asha

David Wilson—Luna

Caleb Wright—not listed

Barbara Young—Gracey

–Mary Mead, Town Clerk/Treasurer