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Did you know that each summer the CVU administration, CVU School Board chair and the CSSU collaborate together to create a plan for the work of the CVU School Board over the coming school year? While a final plan won’t be officially adopted by the entire CVU School Board until later this fall, we wanted to give you a preview of some of the topics they are likely to hear about.

Below is a list of CSSU Common Topics and CVU Administration Presentations. CSSU Common Topics are intended to provide all board members in the CSSU district with a broad view of strategic trends and issues in education. CVU Administration Presentations focus on CVU-specific topics of interest that may or may not be related to the CSSU Common Topics. The public is invited to attend any of these informational talks. Monthly school board meeting agendas will include other topics for discussion in addition to these. For specific presentation dates and meeting agendas, please visit

CSSU Common Topics

ACT 46/Governance 

Act 46 is an act related to making amendments to education funding, education spending, and education governance. Nicole Mace, the new Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA) executive director, will provide an overview of the law, how it was developed, the intentions of lawmakers and implementation requirements.

Narrowing the Achievement Gap

Gaps in student academic achievement data continue to persist at CVU when disaggregated by differences in socioeconomic circumstances and gender. This topic connects to many others, including existing systems within schools, governance and student outcomes. Speaker not yet confirmed.

Student Wellness

Connecting Youth will lead a presentation on new and updated ways to enhance student wellness. Wellness topics may include substance abuse, nutrition, exercise, stress management, healthy relationships and others.


Lawyer Art Cernosia will present his yearly update on issues in the legal world relevant to the CSSU.


Dan French, Superintendent of the Bennington-Rutland SU, will help us think about technology in our schools. Where will we be in five years? What’s new on the horizon? How does it impact the work we do today and in what ways do we prepare?

CVU Administration Presentations

PBL/Graduation Standards

This presentation will provide an overview of state-mandated Performance Based Learning requirements as they relate to potential graduation standards.

International and Domestic Student Travel

Students at CVU have a growing number of opportunities to travel as part of their school experience. (Please note that these trips do not receive support through the school budget.) However, not all students have equal access to these opportunities. This presentation will explore why it is important to give students opportunities to travel, how it fits into CVU educational outcomes, and what strategies might exist to create more opportunities for students who want to have the opportunity to travel.

Tech Integration

An update on the CSSU/CVU Tech Integration initiative will be provided. This multi-pronged initiative encompasses technology learning standards for students, the use of technology for instruction, and the standardization of technology (both in terms of learning standards and hardware/software) across the CSSU.

Co-curricular Program

CVU students are fortunate to have many opportunities to participate in a robust co-curricular program that accounts for less than 3.5% of the CVU budget. This presentation will focus on questions of management, access, fundraising, equitable distribution of these limited resources and how the mission of the co-curricular program ties to the broader CVU mission. Why spend valuable time on matters that impact the budget so minimally? It’s simple. The program’s small fiscal footprint translates to consequential experiences for many CVU students. It’s time to ask ourselves, are we getting it right?

PLPs Update

In this presentation, the board will learn how freshmen are embracing CVU’s approach to meeting state-mandated Personalized Learning Plans for all Vermont students. How is it evolving and where can improvements be made?

We hope that the information provided here gives you a sense of the breadth and complexity of the work undertaken by the CSSU, CVU and the CVU School Board (along with the K-8 schools and boards) on behalf of students in the CVU sending communities. Your interest in learning more about this work and your questions, thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

CVU School Board Communications Committee

Lia Cravedi, School Board Director, Hinesburg,

Susan Grasso, Community Member, Shelburne,

Kim Schmitt, School Board Director, Shelburne,


October 19: Access Craft Show

October 23-25: The CVU theatre program fall musical production of “Chicago.” Performance dates are Oct. 23 & 24 at 7:30 p.m. and Sun.. Oct. 25, at 2 p.m.