A visit to the Shelburne Charlotte Garden Club

IMG_4388On Tuesday, Nov. 10, an ardent group of gardeners cultivated their interest in the art of bonsai at Pierson Library, with the help of Shelburne Charlotte Garden Club guest speaker Kristin Leavitt. After showing examples of her bonsai—the word means “little tree in a pot”—Leavitt offered helpful hints on how to care for specimens, from watering and fertilizing to situating them in auspicious locations and dealing with insects and diseases. The pot used is surprisingly one of the largest considerations for growing a proportional and appealing bonsai. When considering pruning these delicate organisms, Leavitt said “you should be able to see a bird fly through them.”

Leavitt also provided cultural context for this ancient art, discussing its origins in China to its revered role in Japan today, where some bonsai competitions feature trees valued at 1.5 billion dollars.

For more information about the garden club and when they meet, call Ann Mead at 985-2657.