Young Writers Project

Weekly Challenge: Eyes: “It was the eyes, chocolate brown and always searching, that warned me to …” Finish the scene. Alternates: Persist: Write about a character who persists—and succeeds—despite the doubts and jeers of others. (Think the Wright brothers.) Focus the story on how the character moves forward with an idea. Or General: Send us your best work of any category or type that you’ve created in or out of school. Due Dec. 4

What is Vermont?
Aidan Devine Grade 6

What is Vermont?
A walk in the woods
through the valley
along the stream
into the unknown field
An endless expanse of grass
grab a milkweed pod
watch the seeds fly
Across the unknown field
an endless expanse of grass
a cool breeze
Leaves flutter down
This is what Vermont is
Vermont is…

Lily Menk Grade 8

She slipped out of the gate and started to run. What was she running from? She wasn’t sure. Everything? Nothing? How about all of the above. All she knew was she needed to get out of there, fast. She stumbled and slipped in the first snow of fall but somehow managed to run until the screams of her mother in her head faded into the distance, replaced by the sound of her boots in the snow and the wind in her ears.
She stumbled to a stop, holding her sides as she caught her breath. She looked around, the beat-up neighborhood that she had lived in all her life had now been replaced by a frosted clearing adorned with trees and a snowy hillside to her left. The mumbles in her ears were now slowly coming back as they had all her life. She needed to distract herself, she thought.
She made her way towards the base of the hill, all the while planning out her new life in the forest. She was not going back there. Her childhood hadn’t exactly been ideal; her father had left when she was just a baby, and her mother’s boyfriend wasn’t what you would call a father figure. She rubbed a fresh bruise on her arm; she could still hear the yelling that was associated with it.
She reached the peak of the hill, and the sight before her swept her out of her thoughts. A campsite-like village spread out in front of her, smoke billowing up from the tents, and the smell of hot chocolate seemed to warm her body, even though it was currently the middle of November. A boy stood at the entrance to the village, smiling warmly at her, his blond hair complementing his tall stature and soft features.
He made it way up to her, sticking out his hand in a sign of welcome. “Jack” was all he said, but it was enough.
“Kate,” I said. Maybe I was finally home.

All the Pressure
Henry Kramer Grade 6

Here I am, sweat dripping across my face, waiting for the referee to blow the whistle. Because I know when he does blow that whistle, a giant hunk of disappointment will either be on me or off me. More to the pressure is the fact that all my relatives are watching me, staring me down, all eyes on me like a hawk. But then I think if do save this, it’s for them. But as soon as all these thoughts finally settle down, I hear the sound of the whistle. The kicker approaches the ball which is only 10 feet ahead of me; he winds up. But I know a trick. I look at his eyes and see he is looking down at the bottom corner of the net. I quickly and swiftly throw my body at the corner, and I can feel the ball hit my hands. As soon as it hit my hands, I feel a screaming pain. I have pulled my hip flexor. It hurts so much I can barely stand, but that is not the worst part. The ball hasn’t rolled out of bounds. I can barely stand up so I look up. I can see the guy; he’s got the ball back and is about to rip a shot at the other corner. I dive and somehow save it. After that I am down on the ground. My coach helps me off the field. But everybody is cheering because they knew they have just witnessed an amazing play.

Tess Foley-Cox Grade 6

Trapped inside my own head
right, left, backwards, forwards, up, down
It’s a prison and I’m in for life
Choices, choices, they define your life
Everything’s on the line
No mistakes can be made
no time to decide
and the clock is going
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Time’s up
Are you ready?
Better be.