Commentary: A need for weed?

Legalization is a complex issue, although it seems most folks agree that the criminal penalties are way out of line. Perhaps legalization does send “the wrong message,” as some claim.


Shifting positions at the Selectboard meeting

After a few weeks’ hiatus, the Selectboard picked up its pace for December with an out-of-sequence session at 4 p.m. on Dec. 7. This meeting was prompted by the resignation of Britney Tenney as administrative assistant in the Planning and Zoning Office.

And what will you celebrate this December?

Every year December rolls around, we are inundated with the holidays. Most of us celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, reserving the slightest acknowledgement for all other holidays. The darkest month of the year takes on a new light with the numerous festivities occurring. But if asked, how many holidays could you name in this month? You’d probably list the aforementioned three, then perhaps throw in Winter Solstice, Boxing Day or Advent.

Town Bites

New CCS Principal meets East Charlotters at Spear’s Store
On Dec. 4, in order to carry out what she said was important to do, which is talk face-to-face with increasingly broader segments of the Charlotte community about CCS, Principal Barbara Anne Komons-Montroll took questions, comments and observations from several of those who regularly gather in the morning for coffee and town talk at Spear Street Corner Store.