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Reprinted archive compiled by: Kali Adams

Archive December 30-8aVolume 27, No. 9
 December 20, 1984
Page 10

Tis the Season:  I had whole-heartedly planned to have this written and in the last issue. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, the time which had been allotted for typing was devoted to the delivery room and the arrival of our new son Ethan.
Advent, on the church calendar, is a time for preparation, and this season that preparation took on a whole new meaning with the arrival of a child. I find myself rushing about being sure everything is done ahead of time like shopping, decorating, sermons and such. In the midst of all that, I wonder what I am preparing for and I happened upon a bit of sarcastic wit which I will share with you in part:
“For unto you will be given tomorrow, great feast of turkey dressing, and cake, and many presents, and suddenly there will be with you a multitude of relatives and friends, praising you and saying, ‘Thank you so much, it was just what I wanted.’ And it shall come to pass, as the friends and relatives have gone away into their own homes, the parents shall say to one another, ‘What a mess to clean up. I’m dead tired. Let’s go to bed and pick it up tomorrow.’
The whole affair may even take on a more comical tone when we realize that we go so far as to buy, cut, or dig up a fir, balsam or pine tree, carry it into our living rooms, decorate it with tinsel, colored balls and lights, only to take all the decorations off in a matter of days, throw the tree out and curse the pile of fallen needles on the carpet! One must wonder why it is we go through it every year!
Yet, the Advent season is a time in which we seek a truce with the world. Throughout history the powers-that-be seek a Christmas truce in the midst of warfare. In our own lives our attitudes change, we come face to face with our families and our community, and we find it disturbing that the promise of “peace on earth, goodwill to all” has not been realized. It is a time of year where everything is upside down for a period of four to five weeks. With the sarcastic and the comical in mind we now may add the perception of how Advent effects human nature.
During the holiday season, in the middle of preparations, the shopping and the decorations, I would urge that all who find it in their tradition to celebrate Christmas, stop and reflect on what it is we are really preparing for.
Wishing everyone a most joyous and spirit filled Advent and Christmas,
Robert Gormbley

Volume 27, No. 8
December 6, 1984
Page 4

Trivial Pursuits – The trivia bug has caught the fancy of teachers and students alike at CCS. A new learning contest begins soon for trivia buffs of all ages and abilities. The questions will be printed monthly and answers will be submitted at the library.

Volume 27, No. 8
December 6, 1984
Page 1

To the Editor:

The Chittenden County Senate race is over, and I lost by a hair. If you did not notice, however, I placed second of thirteen candidates for Shelburne and Charlotte.
Many thanks to all of you for your confidence in me and a special thanks to all of you who worked hard for me.
Vi Luginbuhl