Another bomb scare at CVU

The second bomb scare in a month was reported at CVU this afternoon.

In contrast to the last event on Dec. 15, the threat received this afternoon was very precise about both the time and location. The location was not mentioned in the robo-message received by all CVU student parents, but the time was said to be in the morning.

School officials have announced that tomorrow’s school day will work on a two-hour delay. The threat is being treated as non-credible, however, all the appropriate authorities have been alerted and all precautions are being taken.

UPDATE [4:12 p.m.]: According to an email sent to all parents from CVU Principal Adam Bunting, activities will run as normal tonight, but an extensive sweep of the campus will be performed in the morning before students arrive.

Any students who attend Essex Technical Center or Burlington Technical Center will get their buses at Hinesburg Community School.

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