Editorial: One-horse races

And it’s not just Charlotte with one-horse or ghost races. A quick look at the 2015 town report in Hinesburg shows four vacant seats and all others unopposed. In Shelburne there’s no competition on their ballot either.


Meet the candidates

Although all seats are uncontested, you surely still want to know who’s on the ballot and what they stand for, right? Well, as is tradition The Charlotte News sent out their annual request to all candidates listed on the Town Meeting ballot to introduce themselves to the community. Below is what we got back.

Commentary: Clyde’s side

At the conclusion of the budget process, CCS Director Nostrand was at pains to make it clear that I should conduct myself as a team player. Her logic was routine: having just concluded a process during which all community members could have input, the board had labored long and hard to produce a fair and balanced result. For a board member to not support the result refutes the process and is disrespectful of the effort.

News from the Charlotte Library

The connection that reading aloud creates between caregivers and children is as important as the readiness for school that reading aloud provides. The American Academy of Pediatrics “recommends that doctors tell parents they should be ‘reading together as a daily fun family activity’ from infancy.”

Community Events

Events in Charlotte or including a Charlotter


Babysitting Event: Parents Night Out! Members of the CVU lacrosse team will babysit kids from 4–9 p.m. at the Shelburne Field House. Kids will enjoy pizza and games. $30 per kid and an additional $15 per sibling. No need to sign up. Proceeds go to charity. For information contact Kyle Jaunich at kylejaunich@cssu.org.

Around Town

to Adriana and Michael Laclair of Charlotte on the birth of their daughter Brooklynn Michelle on Jan. 11.
to Jeffrey Leduc and Teilya Brunet of Charlotte, whose son Remington Joseph Gerard Brassard was born Dec. 1.