Meet the candidates

Although all seats are uncontested, you surely still want to know who’s on the ballot and what they stand for, right? Well, as is tradition The Charlotte News sent out their annual request to all candidates listed on the Town Meeting ballot to introduce themselves to the community. Below is what we got back.

We weren’t able to get a response from the following candidates : Peter Trono (Auditor, 3-year term), Mary Mead (Delinquent tax collector, 1-year term), Robert Smith (Library trustee, 5-year term), Britney Tenney (Lister, 3-year term), Hugh Lewis Jr (Road commissioner, 1-year term),and  Jerry L. Schwarz (School district and town moderator, 1-year terms).

Lane MorrissionLane Morrison
Selectboard (3-year term)

I am running for a second term on the Charlotte Selectboard.  With nearly three years complete, I have gained the experience necessary to have a meaningful impact on the various issues that come before the town. Our current Selectboard has a good cross section of citizen representation. With your vote on March 1, I am prepared to continue this effort.

Accomplishments this year consist of updating financial policies, launching an employee evaluation process, fine-tuning our pay system, supporting CVFRS, involving the town in the issues related to propane storage safety on our rail sidings, facilities upgrades, and endorsing a Town Charter vote to allow more citizen representation for the town budget.

Next year I look forward to a significant involvement in the Town Plan that is due for an update, changes in our planning and zoning office, and a major capital purchase of a fire truck pumper. The board will work with CVFRS to assure a competitive price using the new purchase policy.

Our meetings are now available on VCAM streaming, allowing for broader community awareness.

Thank you for your support.

Matt Krasnow
Selectboard (2-year term)

My name is Matt Krasnow and I’m asking you to elect me, on Town Meeting Day, to a second term on the Selectboard. Born and bred here, I value maintaining and strengthening Charlotte’s land use planning, which has allowed us to preserve a rural working landscape, accessible recreational spaces and local engagement. As a Selectboard member I’ve worked everyday to minimize the municipal tax burden.

I’m looking forward to helping update the Town Plan this year, specifically strengthening the town’s ability to ensure any future proposed large renewable energy installations and railroad developments are consistent with our local community values. I also plan to be collaboratively advancing language and mechanisms which improve property rights, encourage responsible growth and attract new residents (to reduce the housing stock inventory currently on the market).

Employing a fiscally conservative approach, I have successfully worked toward presenting level-funded budgets and year-end expenditures which were less than budgeted. Spending significant time crafting and implementing financial control, salary administration and purchasing policies has paid off and positioned our town government to be more stable, fair and transparent moving forward.

In a second term, I hope to benefit the town by reinvesting what I have learned in my first term, continue to successfully limit the growth of the municipal budget, and encourage the growth of positive community interactions utilizing readily available resources in town like the school, senior center, library, beach, ferry, state park, fishing access, wildlife refuge park, and local businesses and services. I’d also like to develop a user friendly webpage that showcases Charlotte’s businesses and services (with links to their webpages) for locals, tourists, friends and family alike.

I appreciate your consideration of my re-election campaign for Selectboard, which will provide me with the opportunity to serve the town for another two years as I improve my advocacy skills forconstituents and capacity to govern well.Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin
Charlotte School Board (2-year term)

My decision to run for this office has not been undertaken lightly and has arisen from several factors: As a parent, I’ve witnessed the incalculable impact of highly skilled teaching and guidance at CCS on the growth and development of my children. As a psychologist and university educator, I have gained some knowledge of public school practice through my consultations with various schools in addressing the needs of children with emotional and learning challenges. And as a volunteer on the CCS Diversity Committee for the past five years, I have been committed, along with school staff and others, to the essential relevance of diversity learning to better prepare our students for the increasingly complex world they will live in.

For these reasons, tied to my determination to give my best efforts to the work of the school board, I am asking for your consideration and your vote on Town Meeting Day. Thank you.

Mark McDermott
CCS School Board Director (3-year term)

I am pleased to be running for reelection to fill a three-year term on the Charlotte Central School Board.

My family and I moved to Vermont in 2010. Many factors drove our decision to choose Charlotte over other towns—its agricultural character, rural landscape and strong sense of community—but one important factor was the reputation of CCS. I am running for School Board to help CCS continue to deliver excellent education to our youngest residents.

There are many complex issues facing the School Board, including the continued decrease in enrollment, needs of the physical structure of the school, ongoing budgeting issues and the question of uniting school districts under Act 46. Together they form a difficult time for schools across the state. We are fortunate to have a community that supports CCS and an excellent collection of teachers and staff to run it.

Educational systems are always being asked to do more and perform better, frequently with less or static finances. Let’s not forget that children are at the heart of these discussions. Providing a top-notch education in a thoughtful and fiscally responsible fashion is an achievable goal. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to participate in that process and ask for your vote on March 1.

Thank you.

Lynne JaunichLynne
CVU School Director (3-year term)

I graduated from Middlebury College with a joint biology-psychology degree and received my master’s degree from Duke University in physical therapy. Over the years, I have served on a number of statewide and local non-profit boards.

My husband, Scott, and I have lived in Charlotte for 15 years and have been strong proponents of public education. Our three children, Christian, Kyle and Laurel, have attended CCS and CVU, with the last two kids graduating this June. I served as a CCS and CSSU school director from 2008-2013 and was appointed to fulfill the remainder of Marilyn Richardson’s CVU term in June of 2015.

Over the years, I have seen many changes in our children’s education. CVU has been recognized as one of the top high schools in the country. I’m running because I feel strongly that we need to be creative in order to offer a rigorous and meaningful education for our students while still maintaining affordability for the taxpayer. We are fortunate to have a strong, coordinated system between CVU and the sending schools and have realized some efficiencies. However, as more of our education is consolidated, I believe we need to ensure accountability and transparency to the communities that support our schools. With my prior experience on school boards and other nonprofits, I believe I can help ensure that a thoughtful and accountable process is followed when meeting those challenges.Moe Harvey

Moe Harvey
Trustee of Public Funds (3-year term)

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for Trustee of Public Funds. As a Trustee, our goal is to assure the citizens of Charlotte that the funds in trust will be invested safely with a reasonable rate of return. The income from these funds is distributed to our CCS Library and the Grandview and Barber Cemeteries on an annual basis.

My experience in volunteering in our town consists of the following: Chair of Conservation Commission, Chair of Charlotte Land Trust, Lister, Safety Commission, Chair of Selectboard, Affordable Housing Commission.

In my personal life I have owned my own company for 43 years (currently with my son Jason), served as state chair of Ducks Unlimited, regional vice-president of Ducks Unlimited, co-founder of the Vermont Duck Stamp program, which utilizes its funds to protect and purchase wetlands in Vermont, board member of Birds of Vermont Museum.

I appreciate your support. Thank you.

Nan MasonNan
Charlotte Library Trustee (1-year term)

It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve as a library trustee to complete the term of Dorrice Hammer. I was a trustee for 10 years when the library was built and have been part of the Friends of The Charlotte Library for many years. I re-joined the trustees when Bonnie Christie resigned last year.

The library by any standard is providing services to the town through its ever growing and changing collection and programs. The entire staff is dedicated and always ready to help and to innovate. As a trustee I think that my job is to support the staff and let them continue unfettered to do what they do so well. I believe that I bring perspective, enthusiasm and occasional humor to the position of trustee.