A teacher’s work turned to torture

Longtime teacher and educational specialist from Charlotte Susan Ohanian had a letter to the editor appear in the January 26 New York Times, in which she praised the column by David Gonzalez titled, “A Teacher, Beloved, but Disillusioned, Decides to Walk Away.”


Yardley recognized by National Geographic

Two issues ago we wrote about Vermont Commons School 7th grader Taegan Yardley’s video, which depicted her involvement with H.297 to ban ivory sale and trade in Vermont last year.

Building community one T-shirt at a time

Through the CY program, all students in Chittenden County have the opportunity to spend one hour a week with a mentor doing whatever they want. Kayla Fysh, a fifth grade mentee at CCS, says that she enjoys baking with her mentor, Susan Hyde. Ethan Karshagen, an eighth grade mentee, says that the best part of the program is the deep conversations he can have with his mentor, Mike Walker. “I have a strong connection,” Karshagen says.