The Doyle Poll

Once again the Doyle Poll proved to be popular at Town Meeting, with 213 voters taking the time to fill out the survey. Here are the results for your consideration.


Get involved in town government 

If you have interest in serving the town by participating in any of these capacities, please send a short statement explaining your interest and relevant background information by Friday, March 18, to Dean Bloch, town administrator, at If you have questions, please email, call 425-3071 ext. 5, or stop by Town Hall.

Does anyone smell smoke? 

Every other spring, CVU’s theater program director, Candi Padula, gives four student-directors a play and 30 minutes to work with it, then lets them loose with a group of actors. One-acts help to include everyone, shy or not, as they require less of a time commitment from actors and directors.

Sports Roundup

Cougar/Hawks skate to state title
A women’s hockey team blended among players from three high schools—Mount Mansfield Union, CVU and one player from Mt. Abraham—captured the Division II state championship over U-32 with a 5-2 win at the Gut on March 9.

Landscape, interrupted

“I’ve had my eye on this area for a real long time,” Drumpf told the press of his plan. “Reeeeal long. I mean, c’mon. Just look at it: Lake Champlain is a natural route for battleships to travel north south. And think of the millions of dragon warriors I could grow on all that farmland. Miles of warriors! Springing up from just a handful of dragonteeth.”