The mic sets the tone at Town Meetings

By Edd Merritt

Moderator: “We’re ready to begin.”

Audience: “Turn on the mic!”

Moderator: “There, can you hear me now?”

Audience: “No, we can’t hear you!”

Moderator: “If I put it closer to my mouth? Now can you hear me?”

Audience: “Speak into it directly!”

Moderator: “How about if I try to speak loudly without a mic?”

Audience: “Are you kidding? We can’t hear you with a mic. How are we supposed to do it without?”

Every year the meeting needs a microphone opening to set the friendly tone for discussion between Selectboard and audience for the next several hours. Moderator Jerry Schwartz is the David Letterman of setting the meeting’s tone, and he should be commended highly for the mic wit he has developed lo these many years. Donald Trump should be so good, but maybe he lacks a big enough mic.

Personally, I would hate to see Town Meeting openings deteriorate to the solemnity and solitude of a baptism without mic yells. But then I couldn’t go to a wedding without a hot schottische at the beginning either.