Young Writers Project

Florida Comes and Goes

Catherine Berg, Grade 6

Walk into Florida,

you see the palm trees’ shadows.

Walk outside,

feel the heat that comes and goes.

Walk onto the beach,

and get sand in your toes.

Walk into the water,

the sun burns your nose.

Walk onto a boat,

the heavy wind blows.

Get a camera,

take lots of photos.

Walk into Vermont…

your whole body froze.


Malcolm Ziter, Grade 6

Sound is a weird thing.

It is a thing that can also be horrifying.

Sound makes people laugh and happy

or sound makes people sad,

like the sound long forgotten,

like the sound of dinosaurs and cavemen,

and the sound of history,

and the sound of when the pharaoh ruled       Egypt,

and the sound of orders from the pharaoh and the moans of slaves,

and the sound of gunfire when Abe Lincoln was shot,

and the sound of the cry of slaves for freedom,

and the sound of the first railroad,

and sound of the first powerful president’s voice as he

quietly crossed the Delaware to attack the British.

Sound is powerful.


Kennady Sweeney, Grade 6

Hello is what you said to me,

instead of saying hi.

Hello is what you said to me;

I was scared about the goodbye.

After all the years you left me;

we shall meet again.

When I saw you over there you asked,

“Can we start over again?”

Standing there thinking about what I should say,

standing there thinking about how you left me that day.

My heart’s saying yes, my mind’s saying no.

As I was thinking, I thought, “What should I know?”

Standing there debating in my big puffy dress,

the words slipped out and I said, “Yes!”

As I said yes, I felt different than before,

something familiar that I have felt before.

As I stood there,

smiling from ear to ear, just filling up with so much cheer,

standing there waiting, thinking, “Is there something I should know?”

You looked up smiled and said, “Hello.”