Linda Seiffert Reynolds shows artwork at the Walkover Gallery, Bristol


“South from Philo” 18”x15” watercolor

In an effort to create “visual meditation,” Linda Reynolds of Monkton exhibits her work at the Walkover Gallery in Bristol this month. Linda is often seen at the Senior Center in Charlotte and had her work exhibited there recently. Her show in Bristol, “Years of Seasons,” encourages the viewer to take a moment of relaxation and reflection. The paintings capture the natural beauty of light and how it affects the clouds, water, sky, trees and mountains at various times of the day and year. All the paintings but one in the exhibit are watercolor. “Painting is a way of slowing down and celebrating life reverently,” said Reynolds. “Even though watercolor painting itself goes quickly, it requires forethought, deliberation, and can’t easily be corrected.”

The gallery is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments are welcome for viewings at other times. For more information, call 453-3188.