Honor Roll 2015/16

Congratulations to all the Charlotte students who made the honor roll this semester/quarter. For your efforts, The Charlotte News presents you with a lofty quote about education to keep you searching for all the answers—never stop learning.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what
he thinks he already knows”


CCS Team Omega
7th Grade


Lucy Barringer

William Berkowitz

Rachel Bergstein

Kayla Bothwell

Moira Buxton

Margaret Eagan

Angela Fortin

Sean Gilliam

Carter Harvey

Skyler Heininger

Jakob Holm

Brynn Hutchins

Charles Kantor

Molly Rubin

Makayla Urie

Catherine Young

High Honors

Henry Bijur

Samantha Blackmore

Seth Boffa

Ella Haire

Caleb Knox

Fiona Lemieux

Ethan Lisle

Luisa Louchheim

Elyse Martin-Smith

Courtney McDermott

Sage Pecor

Ben Sampson

Carolina Sicotte

Aidan Trus

Cooper Whalen

8th Grade


Kayla Carroll

Nani Clemmons

Olivia Hagios

McLain Jipner

Sophia Kehr

Kayley Lambert

Gus Lunde

Aaron McNally

Lily Menk

Ethan Naylor

Binney Patton

Stuart Robinson

Wiley Simard

Tate Therrien

Santiago Vazquez

Ben Vincent

Sam Zinner

High Honors

Maryn Askew

Quinn Boardman

Isabel Cohen

Jane Hardy

Sadie Holmes

Peter Hyams

Annaliese Kramer

Isabelle Mittelstadt

Alden Randall

Michaela Siegel

Ben Wetzell

Edie Wright

Rice Memorial High School 

Second Honors

Caroline Breen,

Moira Brown

Hana Couture

Hadley Murphy

Alexa Pughe

Honorable Mention

Saige Alpeter

Daniel Boardman Emma Hudziak

Anna Schibli