Wage saga resolved with town clerk?



Mary Mead revoked resignation, job description to be re-analyzed

By John Hammer | The Charlotte News

Responding to a complex series of issues over the salary of the Town Clerk/Treasurer’s request for a salary increase, the Charlotte Selectboard met in public meeting on March 28 to try to finally resolve the question. The result, after an executive session with the inclusion of Town Clerk/Treasurer Mary Mead, was the retraction of her pending resignation. In exchange, her job description, used in the development of the Staff Administration Policy that set up wage scales for different levels of positions, will be revisited. She is to set forth any statutory tasking and job level additions and present it to the Selectboard. They will then meet with her in open session to discuss her position in accordance with the Palmer Survey Method. The human resources consultant, Frank Sadowski, will be asked to attend to help ensure that an unbiased judgment is reached. It should be noted that Mr. Sadowski was instrumental in helping set up the wage rate matrix against which the Clerk/Treasurer salary will be based. This meeting is provisionally set for April 7 pending approval of all parties.

The Palmer Method of job classification includes 13 weighted questions regarding all job positions and helps determine what wage level it deserves. It is widely used and has been developed to provide what the Selectboard feels are “fair and equitable” analyses of job positions.

Any follow up decisions may be deferred to the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting on April 11.

A more complete report of the March 28 Selectboard meeting will be available in our next issue out on April 7.