Highs and lows of marijuana legislation

Every session seems to have its own highly controversial issue—end of life, vaccines, gun control. This year it’s marijuana legalization.

To build a (tiny) home

Begun as a social and architectural experiment in downsizing, the tiny-house movement has taken hold during the last decade, in part as a response to the fact that the average size of new single-family homes in the United States has increased disproportionately to the average size of the families inhabiting them.

A Patagonian adventure

I make bold to take this opportunity to pen a short piece because a recent trip to mythic Patagonia was the dream of a lifetime—one in which I crossed off three items on my bucket list

Rec News

Summer Job Opening Charlotte Beach Attendant
A part-time, seasonal position that begins Memorial Day weekend. The beach attendant will be responsible for the maintenance of the beach area and the facilities located near the beach (e.g. tennis court, playground, volleyball court and picnic area).

Around Town


to long time Charlotte residents, Peter and Meg Walker, who will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years) on April 30, 2016. Party on!

Quietly making noise

I classify a microadventure as anything that is out of the house, out of the yard (unless you’re having a family slumber party there) and outside for an hour or more. Adventure is more attitude than anything else.