Out-Doors: ‘Tis morel in the mind

Like six Little Red Riding Hoods—toting baskets, knives, bags, books and high hopes— we traipsed across the field to a copse of trees surrounding a giant elm stump. May is morel season, a “choice” mushroom in the lingo of aficionados.


Property Transfers

April 18. Kurt and Patricia Fischer to Harold and Jill Abilock, 0.57 acre, land only, 2501 Ferry Road, $35,000.

Food Shelf News

Thank you

Thank you for the support this past month from Susan and Hans Ohanian, Charles Gluck and Darrilyn Peters, and the Shelburne Supermarket Coffee Bar. We appreciate your generosity!

CVU Honor Roll 2015/16

Congratulations to all the Charlotte students at CVU who made the third quarter honor roll. For your efforts, The Charlotte News presents you with a lofty quote about education to keep you company on that long walk to graduation.