Regional Act 46 vote results (unofficial)

The results from the Act 46 governance consolidation merger special meeting vote within the Chittenden South Supervisory Union are in.

Charlotte: 403 YES votes, 244 No votes
Hinesburg: 257 YES votes, 122 No votes
Shelburne: 533 YES votes, 91 No votes
Williston: 404 YES votes, 223 No votes
St. George: 64 YES votes, 19 No votes

Unofficial results for newly elected board members are:

Charlotte: Eric Beal 2 Year Term, Mark McDermott 4 Year Term

Hinesburg: Raymond Mainer 3 Year Term, Colleen MacKinnon 4 Year Term

Shelburne: Joan Lenes 2 Year Term, Russell Caffry 3 Year Term, David Connery 4 Year Term

Williston: Kevin Mara 2 Year Term, Brendan McMahon 2 Year Term, Amanda Marvin 3 Year Term, Erin Brady 4 Year Term

St. George: Kelly Bowen 3 Year Term