All farms great and small

IMG_1627A guide to the agricultural landscape of Charlotte, Vermont

By Geeda Searfoorce & Alex Bunten | The Charlotte News

A mother and child are winding their way through the meat aisle at Price Chopper supermarket. “Mom, where does our food come from?” asks the girl, looking at the packet of ground beef in the cart.

“Good question!” says the mother, proud of her daughter for considering the origin of what she eats. “That meat came from far away, but other options are available from farms nearby.”

Those nearby farms are abundant in Charlotte, our hometown that has deep roots in the agricultural soil of our state’s economy. Our neighbors to the south have made a wonderful guide to Addison Country farms called The Acorn Guide, which lists a handful of Charlotte farming enterprises. We thought we might try to fill it out and help support local. Nobody like “food miles” so why not buy from within the borders of your own town?! DSC_0163

The Charlotte News, in advance of our month-long summer hiatus, has put together this supplement to offer a glance at the hard-working folks who make our community what it is. We’re more than a bedroom community, more than the hot seat for education policy quarrels. We’re a community built from the earnest, sweaty brows of people who love the land so much they work it.

Whatever part of the political spectrum you put “Vermont values” on, no one in this fair state—flatlander transplant or seventh gen woodchuck—can deny our dependence on and love of a good farm. We’re proud of our farmers, and we thank them every time we bite into a juicy blueberry, crisp radish or delicious grass-fed burger that was cultivated with care right down the road.

Don’t see your farm here?IMG_6842

Summer in Charlotte is glorious, brief and borderline frantic for farmers. Catching up with everyone in town in order to make this guide comprehensive proved tricky as deadline loomed. Please forgive any omissions and errors.
If you want to be included in or taken out of this guide in the future, please send an email to and we’ll happily change or correct any of the listed information. 

Now go make hay while the sun shines!

Adam’s Berry Farm

Est. 2001 | Adam Hausmann | 985 Bingham Brook Road |
802-578-9093 | |

Products: Certified organic strawberries, summer raspberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, kiwis, farm made popsicles, berry sorbets, jams, vinegars and frozen berries

Available: PYO, wholesale and farmers markets

Bryn Meadow

Elysabethe (Libby) James | 3960 Spear Street | 425-5570 | |

Products: Heritage sheep, turkeys (Bourbon Red, Slate, Holland White), standard and Bantam Buff cochin chickens, and Blue Cochin Bantams

Available: Farm direct and online

NB: Also a B&B and art studio

Ceres Garden

W.L. Shriner | 1503 Ferry Road | |

Products: Mixed organic vegetables and culinary herbs

Available: Commercially

Charles Russell Farm

Charles Russell | 142 Windswept Lane | 425-4757 |

Charlotte Berry Farm

Est. 1980 | Russ and Melissa Beatty | 4702 Ethan Allen Highway | 425-3652 | |

Products: Strawberries, blueberries, black raspberries, raspberries, pumpkins, Vermont maple syrup, Vermont honey, T-shirts, refreshments, baked goods (scones, pies, bars, and crisps), creemees, blueberry lemonade and jams

Available: PYO, farm direct

Charlotte Village Winery

Est. 2000 | William Pelkey | 3968 Greenbush Road | 425-4599 | |

Products: Vermont-made boutique wines made from fruit and grapes

Available: Farm direct and online

Cyrus G. Pringle Farm

Est. 2012 | Michael Russell | 2577 Lake Road | 802-777-8757 |

Products: Currants (black)

Available: Farm direct

Eleven Acre Farm

2044 Prindle Road | 425-3484 | |

Products: Botanics and fresh and dried herbs

Available: Farm direct

Old Homestead Cattle Farm and Riding Stables

Est. 2000 | Chris and Becky Fortin | 2737 Lake Road | 425-3846 |

Products: Beef and vegetables

Available: Farm direct

Greylaine Farm

Est. 2013 | Mike Kirk | 553 Garen Road | 802-349-4994 | |

Products: Pasture-raised lamb, pork and eggs

Available: Farm direct, online, and see website for list of stores

Kimball Brook Farm

Est. 2001 | John De Vos III (JD) and Cheryl De Vos |
2263 Greenbush Road |  Ferrisburgh | 482-6455 | |

Products: Whole Milk, Skim Milk, 1% & 2% Milk, Creams, Half & Half, Chocolate Milk, Maple Milk, Iced Cappuccino Mocha & Coffee flavors, buttermilk, butter and Iced Teas (Black Sweet & Unsweet Teas and Green Sweet & Unsweet Teas)

Available: Stores across Vermont and New England. See website for list of places.

NB: Although located in N. Ferrrisburgh, they have nearly 1,000 acres in Charlotte.

Laberge Brothers Dairy

Est. 1943 | Amie and Mark Laberge | 1904 Lime Kiln Road | 985-8827

Products: Beef horse hay, mulch, sweet corn (commercial soy beans)

Available: Commercially

NB: They farm the land on Mt Philo Rd. from the Shelburne line all the way to Mcguire Pent Rd.

Miskell’s Premium Organics

Est. 1982 | David Miskell | 718 Greenbush Road | 425-3959 |

Products: Organic Kale, greens, chard, Romaine lettuce, basil

Available: Intervale Food Hub, Farmers to You, City Market Deli, Skinny Pancake, commercially

Mt. Philo Farm & Vineyard

5507 Ethan Allen Highway | 802-488-4293 | |

Products: Northern varietal grapes used in producing vinegars and wines for Shelburne Vineyard

Available: Sold under brand name, NuMondo, and online.

Nichols Fodder Farm

Est. 1971 | Dave Nichols | 138 Morningside Drive | 425-3047 |

Products: Horse hay and straw

Available: Farm direct

NB: Dave bought the farm when he was 22. Diane Nichols said, “Can you imagine buying a farm when you’re 22?”

Nitty Gritty Grain Company of Vermont

Est. 2008 | Tom Kenyon | 4571 Lake Road | 425-4544 | |

Products: Certified organic, Vermont-grown wheat, flour, and cornmeals

Available: Stores across Vermont and online

Nordic Farms

Clark Hindsdale III | 1211 Ethan Allen Highway | 425-6455 |

Products: Dairy (commercial)

Available: Comercially

Paradiso Farm/Paradiso Farm Coffee

Est. 2010 | Stephen Colangeli | 2969 Lake Road | 802-343-3423 | |

Products: Vermont Figs, fig trees, turmeric, ginger, winter greens, farm roasted coffee, online coffee CSA

Available: Farm direct, Middlebury Coop, Richmond Farmers Market, seasonal bike delivery of coffee to Charlotte residents

Pelkey’s Blueberries

William Pelkey | 3968 Greenbush Road | 425-3281 |

Products: Blueberries, pies, jam, creemees

Available: PYO, farm direct

Philo Ridge Farm

Est. 2012 | Diana McCargo and Peter Swift (owners);
Ed Pitcavage (manager) | 2766 Mt. Philo Road | 802-539-2912 | |

Products: A variety of produce, herbs, flowers, pasture-raised meat and wool

Available: farm direct and online

Shakey Ground

Est. 2008 | Drew and Brittany Slabaugh | 319 Converse Bay Road | 802-377-5127 | |

Products: Strawberries, kale, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, zucchini, scallions, squash, chard, asparagus, herbs, and wool, fiber, pelts, and honey products

Available: Farm direct and online

Shelburne Orchards

Est. 1959 | Nick Cowles | 216 Orchard Road, Shelburne | 985-2753 | |

Products: Apples, peaches, pears, table grapes, pumpkins, plums, sour cherries, apple cider, cider donuts, ginger cider, Ginger Jack, cider vinegar, apple brandy

Available: Farm direct

NB: Nick has three acres in Charlotte. He says of the trees planted there, “they always act different. They never do what I want them to…and they argue a lot!”

Stony Loam Farm

Est. 2005 | Dave Quickel | 2755 Hinesburg Road | 802-238-0255 | |

Products: A variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers

Available: Farm direct, CSA

Twin Oaks Dairy Farm

Est. 1944 | Joe Bean | 277 Bean Road | 425-2340

Products: Dairy, horse hay, corn silage

Available: Commercially

Unity Farm

Est. 2012 | Cathy Wells | 200 Higbee Road | 914-703-1328 | |

Products: Greens year-round, spinach, chard, kale, salad mix, Asian greens, flowers, draft horse rides.

NB: Due to medical issues, greens and flowers won’t be available this year. They will be back in 2017. Check website for updates.

Vermont Wildflower Farm

Est. 1981 | Chris and Diana Bore | 3488 Ethan Allen Highway | 425-3641 | |

Products: Wildflower and grass seed, perennials, bulbs, vegetables, herbs and gardening supplies

Available: Farm direct and online

Vinegar Ridge Farm

Est. 2000 | The Smith Family | 264 Vineyard View Drive Street | 425-5588 | |

Products: Registered Border Leicester, Shetland, and Lincoln sheep, crossbred production sheep; freezer lambs/meat, breeding stock, pets, beef, eggs, layer pullets, wool blankets, and raw fleece

Available: Farm Direct

NB: Formerly known as the Smith Family Farm

Windy Corners Farm

Est. 2002 | Tiny Sikkes and Roelof Boumans |
4685 Greenbush Road |

Products: Occasionally offering goat’s milk, garlic, flowers, eggs

Available: Farm Direct

NB: The repeated theft of their signage has hampered business.