Sad tree losses in Town of Charlotte 

Late June and early July have proven to be humdingers in decline or total loss of some prominent members of our (tree) community. The unusual springtime drought has proven difficult for newly planted trees, and in response we shut down our roadside tree planting program early to await autumn’s soil moisture recharge. Fortunately, the nine trees planted for shade at the Town Beach playground have received tender loving watering thanks to Greg Smith (Recreation Commission) and the beach attendant Emma Slater with assist from the tree warden team.


Time to vote on Vermont’s future

It’s primary time! On Tuesday, August 9, you will choose who will take Vermont into the next phase of development. As Shumlin shuffles off and Sorrell says so long, the races for Governor and Attorney General begin in earnest, and the state readies itself to assemble a team of elected officials we trust. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t fret. You have until August 3. Stop by Town Hall, where you can also get absentee ballots, or visit

South bound traffic woes

Drivers on Route 7 will face delays in the coming weeks, as the reconstruction from the Ferrisburgh/Charlotte Town line north for three miles to the Ferry Road intersection continues. During the remainder of this week, crews will focus on constructing the traffic detour along the west side of US 7.

State owned, town…tolerated?

Peter Carriero, a businessman who is located behind the former Citgo station, suggested that there are far better commercial uses for the corner that might be of more benefit to the community and become a source of tax revenue. He worried that a park and ride facility might become a de facto used car lot. Further, such use would require some amount of security oversight and enforcement.

Seriously funny 

When Charlotter Woody Keppel takes the stage in Burlington during this weekend’s Festival of Fools, he will be wearing many hats. As co-founder and artistic director of the event, which celebrates its 9th year from July 29-31, Keppel understands how vital a citywide festival is to the social and economic health of Vermont. And as a performer Keppel is acutely—and reverently—aware of the important roles that comedy and spectacle play in our society.

Health Matters: Your hands, your germs, and you

Considering the current political scene, one might conclude that Americans are a pretty phobic lot. Politicians capitalize on the fear of terrorist attack, while statistically Americans are far more likely to be harmed in a neighborhood shooting. Returning to my subway survey, was I seeing a realistic health safety concern or a phobic fear of contagion?

On fair chase and stereotyping hunters

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an accomplished bass fisherman. I know that the intense explosion of a largemouth on a popper in the weeds is as dramatic as anything you might experience in the outdoor world, but with so many different pursuits it is truly difficult to master them all.