Health Matters: Zika virus – yet another cautionary tale

Remember Ebola? Eleven thousand deaths, lingering chronic complications for thousands, billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs? It should have taught us a lesson. Apparently it did not. Now, just two years later, we are faced with another disease outbreak that has produced thousands of severely damaged infants and children and has quickly moved from Central and South America to Puerto Rico and now to the southern continental U.S.


11th Annual Peter Coleman Photo Competition

The Charlotte News is proud to present the work of amateur photographers of all ages in its 11th Annual Peter Coleman Photo Contest, held in honor of the renowned Charlotte photographer and one-time editor of The News who passed away in January 2006.

Out-Doors: Busy beavers

In early July, a waterfront poplar on Deer Point toppled into the lake, its 12-inch trunk gnawed to a point in a mere two nights. A few weeks later a neighboring poplar crashed beside it. Both trees were soon denuded of limbs, leaves and bark, leaving two pale, telephone-pole-like stumps stretching toward the lake. So where, you might ask, did the rest of the trees go?

By interweaving reality with spirituality, Ivey has also written a story of undiscovered realms beyond human knowledge. Her descriptions of the Alaskan landscape—its glaciers, rivers and mountains—are elegaic and breathtaking.

Oh my! Pie!

Autumn: the sweetest time in Charlotte? Devotees of pie think so. On Friday, Sept. 2, fro 3 to 5 p.m. the Charlotte Congregational Church will begin the annual pie sale that is the apple of the town’s eye. Pick one up and you’ll know why.