It takes a village

TCN HeaderThank you, dear writers, proofers and drivers!

Every year we are floored by how many people have volunteered to write, copyedit and proofread for The Charlotte News and to help distribute it to 57 drop-off locations from South Burlington to Vergennes.

In our 58th year of publication (July 2015–July 2016) we counted 131 unique contributors, a veritable army of wordsmiths and curious sorts, detailing the highs and lows of life in Charlotte, Vermont, and getting all of it into the hands of our readers.

However, this is only the people who have written for and distributed the paper. We hope in the future to better keep track of photographers and other volunteers who make this paper the stalwart of community journalism that it is.

We always welcome new volunteers and pride ourselves on providing an open and constructive environment for those new to the game. Putting pen to paper and want a local outlet? Got an eegle eye for catching grammar and spelling errors (like the one in this sentence)? Like taking morning drives and delivering papers to some of our favorite local businesses? Get in touch and join the ranks of those hearty souls below.

To those listed below, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and interest in publishing with us at The Charlotte News. Here’s to many more years of collaboration!

Jeff Albertson

Ed Amidon

Zackery Aubin

Tabitha Auster

Amos Baehr

Clyde Baldwin

Elizabeth Bassett

Rowan Beck

Meg Berlin

Bunky Bernstein

Susan Blood

Jorden Blucher

Leslie Botjer

Wendy Bratt

Stephen Brooks

Bradley Carleton

Joyce Cellars

Freya Chapdelaine

Ashley Clark

Isabel Cohen

Nicole Conley

Louis Cox

Lia Cravedi

Susan Crockenberg

Vince Crockenberg

Joanna Cummings

Deng Dau

Chris Davis

Lawrence Dee

Justine Dee

Aidan Devine

Tai Dinnan

Brent Dorval

Barrie Dunsmore

Georgia Edwards

Carrie Fenn

Josh Flore

Tess Foley-Cox

Frances Foster

Karen Frost

Sean Gilliam

Valerie Graham

Susan Grasso

Larry Hamilton

Linda Hamilton

John Hammer

Carol Hanley

Dana Hanley

Richard Hess

Katherine Hikel

Dorothy Varney Hill

Peter Hiser

Corrina Hobbes

Deirdre Holmes

Mel Huff

Jim Hyde

Debbie Ingram

Henry Kramer

Emilie Krasnow

Martha R. Lang

Anne Latulippe

Robert Leavitt

Valerie Lehbenson

Ethan Lisle

Jill Lowery

Heather Manning

Stella Martenis

Jeff Martin

Elyse Martin-Smith

Nan Mason

Mary A. Mead

Jane McCullough

Mark McDermott

Courtney McDermott

Lily Menk

Beth Merritt

Catherine Metropolous

Finnegan Mittlestadt

Pat Monteferrant

Rhonda Moore

Janet Morrison

Mark Moser

Melinda Moulton

Sharon Mount

Claudia Mucklow

Rob Mullin

Mark Nash

Karl Novak

Tom O’Brien

Leo Alexander Perez

Mark Prescott

Kerrie Pughe

Alice D. Outwater

Gay Regan

Mary Recchia

Ellie Russell

Charles Russell

Kim Schmitt

Bill Schubart

Geeda Searfoorce

Fatima Shama

Chloe Silverman

Claire Slater

Lydia Smith

Susan Smith

Olivia Spell

Sandra Steingard

Charlotte Steria

Marion Sullivan

Kennady Sweeney

Ruah Swennerfelt

Rev. Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas

Jasmin Townsend-Ng

Aidan Trus

Courage Turner Jones

Mary Van Vleck

Fritz Wetzell

Ben Wetzell

Lee Wiseman

Nancy Wood

Kristen Wright

Mike Yantachka

Catherine Young

Margaret Woodruff

David Ziegleman

If your name should be here and it isn’t, please let us know. We are not, unfortunately, above making mistakes. Email us at