Scouts honor

Cub Scouts now accept kindergarteners; Seth Zimmerman retires as longtime Boy Scout leader

By Geeda Searfoorce | The Charlotte News

Big changes for local Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are on the horizon. The Green Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America is participating in a national pilot program to add kindergarten-age boys to Cub Scouts. While not all packs are admitting kindergartners currently, it is likely that they will become a full-fledged part of scouting in the near future.

In additional, longtime Scoutmaster Seth Zimmerman, leader of Charlotte’s Boy Scout Troop 615, is retiring after years of dedicated service. His support of Boy Scouts, firm belief in the positive effects of scouting and knowledge of the 97-year history of Boy Scouts in Charlotte make him a treasure to the community. His invaluable efforts have helped countless boys build skills and develop confidence throughout the years.

The Green Mountain Council’s statewide youth and parent membership recruitment campaign, which runs primarily through the months of September and October, invites area boys to explore all the possibilities of scouting. Boys in 1st through 5th grades—and now kindergarten—can join a local Cub Scout pack in their community. Boys 11 to 17 years old are invited to join a Boy Scout troop. Yards signs, informational flyers, posters and other media promotion will be distributed throughout the communities.

Scouting provides an opportunity for youth to become involved in a program that instills strong positive moral and ethical values, citizenship involvement and responsibility and personal fitness in an environment that is family centered and fun for everyone.

Scouts can participate in one-day, weekend or weeklong camping programs, explore their community, and learn skills in emergency preparedness, first aid, swimming, lifesaving, nature study, environmental awareness and more. In addition, scouting provides programs that teach teamwork, good sportsmanship and personal fitness.

Scouting is open to all boys, regardless of athletic ability and social, economic or ethnic background, and is a program that has lasting values for the rest of your son’s life.

For information on how to join a scouting unit, go to, or contact the Scout Service Center in Waterbury at 802-244-5189.