The Charlotte News is a nonprofit community-based newspaper dedicated to informing townspeople of current events and issues. It serves as a forum for the free exchange of views of town residents and celebrates the people, places and happenings that make the Town of Charlotte unique.

Contributions in the form of articles, press releases and photographs of Charlotte-related people and events are accepted and encouraged. For deadlines, see schedule below.

The Charlotte News is published in Charlotte by The Charlotte News, Inc., a Vermont domestic 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation. We work closely with the Friends of the Charlotte News, a tax-deductible, Vermont domestic 501(c)(3).

Distribution is made every other Thursday to all households and businesses in Charlotte and to more than 50 outlets in Shelburne, Hinesburg, North Ferrisburgh, Ferrisburgh, Vergennes and Burlington.

The Charlotte News relies on the generous financial contributions of its readers, subscriptions and advertising revenue to sustain its operations.

Editorial Staff

news@thecharlottenews.org // 425-4949

Editor in chief: Alex Bunten
Assistant editor: Geeda Searfoorce
Contributing editors: Edd Merritt,
Ruah Swennerfelt, Jorden Blucher, John Hammer
Copy editors: Beth Merritt, Leslie Botjer,
Vince Crockenberg, Carol Hanley

Business Staff

ads@thecharlottenews.org // 802-343-0279

Ad manager: Monica Marshall
Business manager: Shanley Hinge
Circulation group: Valerie Lebensohn

Board MembersIMG_5100

President: Vince Crockenberg
Secretary: John Hammer
Treasurer: Patrice Machavern
Board members: Bob Bloch, Carol Hanley,
Gay Regan, Louisa Schibli

Subscription Information

The Charlotte News is delivered at no cost to all Charlotte residences. Effective May 1, 2016, we will no longer offer bulk mail subscriptions. Subscriptions are available for first-class delivery at $40 per calendar year. 


Send address changes to:

The Charlotte News
P.O. Box 251, Charlotte, VT 05445
Telephone: 425-4949

Send donations to: 

The Friends of the Charlotte News
P.O. Box 211, Charlotte, VT, 05445

Circulation: 3,000 copies per issue
Copyright © 2016 The Charlotte News, Inc.
Printed by Upper Valley Press

Member of the New England Newspaper & Press Association and the Vermont Press Association.


Publication deadlines for 2016 (Volume 58/59)

2016 Publishing Schedule.jpg


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