Spoken like a wheel bike guy

Tucked behind a stand of sumac on Orchard Road in a field of fresh corn, Zspokes, a bike shop built into the front of the Macik family house, quietly opened its doors last week. Billed as a custom wheel building and general repair bike shop, Macik’s tools are anything but general.


Farm guide faux pas

While working on The Charlotte News’ first ever farm guide, we were awed and humbled by the agricultural footprint our little town has. Our respect for farmers and the land continues to grow. We deeply apologize for unintentionally leaving anyone out and would love to hear from you if you would like to be in the guide for next year.

All farms great and small

The Charlotte News, in advance of our month-long summer hiatus, has put together this supplement to offer a glance at the hard-working folks who make our community what it is. We’re more than a bedroom community, more than the hot seat for education policy quarrels. We’re a community built from the earnest, sweaty brows of people who love the land so much they work it.

Old Dock, new crew

The Old Dock restaurant in Essex, NY, is under new ownership. Copey Houghton, Whallons Bay summer resident, and owner of Burlington’s Daily Planet restaurant, has purchased the popular waterfront eatery from Steve McKenna, the longtime owner who has been struggling with health issues.

From big city to small town: Evan Webster Ink

“Everything you do gets you to where you are, so I can’t complain. I’d do it all again,” muses Evan Webster, owner of Evan Webster Ink, a creative screen-printing company in Shelburne that produces wholesale for groups and businesses. Webster, a Charlotte resident, moved here from Boston with his wife in 2012. After living in cities his entire life, he thought it would be an interesting change.