What do you do with your dog poo? 

About six weeks ago, I finally made it to Town Hall with all the documentation needed to register my hound dog, Homer. He was the 374th dog registered this year. I mentioned to Mary Mead that I was going to write an article about dog poop, and she gave her two cents that more dogs were living in Charlotte than the town has registered. I’m sure that’s true, given I’ve been delinquent now and then! One tidbit of info I found in several places suggested that a typical ecosystem could handle two dogs per square mile. Charlotte is a little more than 40 square miles, and the town has many more dogs than that, even with just the registered ones!


All on a summer’s night

Sadly, bats are one of the most misunderstood and maligned of our native animals. Many people fear them or have cursed and killed them when they get into homes and barns.