Out-Doors: Busy beavers

In early July, a waterfront poplar on Deer Point toppled into the lake, its 12-inch trunk gnawed to a point in a mere two nights. A few weeks later a neighboring poplar crashed beside it. Both trees were soon denuded of limbs, leaves and bark, leaving two pale, telephone-pole-like stumps stretching toward the lake. So where, you might ask, did the rest of the trees go?


Out-Doors: ‘Tis morel in the mind

Like six Little Red Riding Hoods—toting baskets, knives, bags, books and high hopes— we traipsed across the field to a copse of trees surrounding a giant elm stump. May is morel season, a “choice” mushroom in the lingo of aficionados.

Out-Doors: Winter Triage

Look out the window: yesterday pelting rain, today bright sun, tomorrow snow. My crocuses poked up a few weeks ago. When the mercury dipped a few days later, John Rosenthal circumnavigated every cranny of Tupper Lake—28 miles. For a few days cross-country skiers savored powder and downhill skiers could ski on a greater number of trails. Then it rained again.