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Volume XI, Number 11 January 9, 1964


The arrival in Burlington Monday of a 31-car train signalled the start of operations on the Vermont Railway Corp. line, formerly the Rutland Railroad.

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History in the making
We are happy to report that The Charlotte News Archive Project is moving right along. Between production cycles, Kali and I have done our best to organize and document every hard-copy issue of The Charlotte News from 1958 to present.

From the past, for the future

Vermont History Day plans for the future by looking at the past. By having students develop their own historical projects, students not only learn how to analyze and understand historical data, they must come to their own conclusions regarding it.

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Volume 19, No. 10
January 13, 1977

Dog Sled Races Postponed

The Dog Sled Races to be held at Black Willow Farm on Thompson’s Point Road on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th were postponed due to lack of snow.

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Welcome to The Charlotte News’ Archives!

We’ve started to work on making our history accessible to all Charlotters. Slowly, we’re developing a PDF archive that will eventually be searchable and we hope to share that with you soon.

From the Archives

Many of our publications have no digital presence whatsoever, so we’re having to find ways to make them technologically available. Though this project has barely begun and we have a long way to go, we’ll be giving you a taste of what’s to come right here in print as regularly as possible.

Back in my day | August 1, 1958

The Youth Group held another dance at the Vestry July 18th. We had a great turn out, but are expecting even more people at the dance this Friday evening. There are at these parties a wide variety of music, plenty of free refreshments, and lots of fun for everyone.

Back in my Day | July 18, 1958

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