Much ado about a lot

On July 12, the dilapidated structure at 1012 Flat Rock Road on Thompson’s Point sat decaying while the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) denied its owner’s application to demolish and reconstruct it. Originally an outbuilding for the adjacent property, the tumbledown structure sits on lot 128, which was erroneously, illegally subdivided from lot 127 by the Selectboard two years ago.


Town Clerk salary appeal denied by state

The resolution of the question as to an adequate salary is still to be decided by the Selectboard. The next step will be a review of Mead’s pay grade using the Palmer Analysis method. Selectboard Chair, Lane Morrison, wrote by Email that, “This will be discussed over the next several weeks.”

The Town Plan gets an overhaul

The most recent amendment to the old Town Plan, adopted at Town Meeting Day on March 1, 2016, was “needed as a ‘stop-gap,’” Bloch said, “because of the many energy siting applications the town has received.” Some of those applications include solar arrays at the foot of Mount Philo and at Fisher’s Landing near the Charlotte Ferry.

State owned, town…tolerated?

Peter Carriero, a businessman who is located behind the former Citgo station, suggested that there are far better commercial uses for the corner that might be of more benefit to the community and become a source of tax revenue. He worried that a park and ride facility might become a de facto used car lot. Further, such use would require some amount of security oversight and enforcement.

Mead’s appeal, outburst from Spell

The Charlotte Selectboard met for a short meeting on the afternoon of June 6 to discuss a response to the Vermont Department of Labor (DoL) letter concerning a wage claim by Mary Mead, Town Clerk/Treasurer. The letter required a response within ten days of its issuance which did not allow adequate time for the board to craft a reply. As the result, they requested and received permission for a delay until June 10.

Mead’s move  

The town clerk/treasurer question has taken a new turn with the submission of a wage claim for $15,077 by Mary Mead to the Vermont Department of Labor (DoL). The claim, filed on May 25, alleges that her salary was calculated differently from all other town employees and has been unresolved for two years.