OutTakes: Tribute to a loony uncle

This OutTake is dedicated to the Minnesota state bird, the common loon. My uncle George was a part of their flock—loony as all get out.


Health Matters: The dancing brain

If you want to improve the health and structure of your brain—and who doesn’t?—consider dancing. While most of us are aware of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits of dance, there is evidence that regular dancing can also improve the health and function of your brain.

The only question left

The elevator doors opened onto the panoramic view that reliably instilled me with awe. Those towers, glittering against that blue, blue sky. There was smoke pouring out of one of them. Then I saw the second plane hit.

You can get there from here

On the day they closed on their house, their realtor gave them a poster, illustrated by Charlotte artist Linda Seiffert Reynolds, depicting classic Charlotte scenes—Town Hall, The Old Brick Store, the view from the top of Mt. Philo, among others. At the bottom of the poster the text reads, “The Town of Charlotte, Vermont, 1762-2012. You can get there from here.”

Health Matters: Zika virus – yet another cautionary tale

Remember Ebola? Eleven thousand deaths, lingering chronic complications for thousands, billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs? It should have taught us a lesson. Apparently it did not. Now, just two years later, we are faced with another disease outbreak that has produced thousands of severely damaged infants and children and has quickly moved from Central and South America to Puerto Rico and now to the southern continental U.S.

Letters to the Editor

For the past few years, Little League baseball across the country has been losing players. Most people blame it on other sports, but I have a different theory. Little League Baseball is losing kids to other sports because the game of baseball is not being taught by adults who have a respect for the game. With a couple of exceptions, it is being taught by baseball illiterate, incompetent and unknowledgeable adults who don’t have a basic understanding of the game or its rules.

Commentary: Voter rights are at risk in Charlotte

Here is what should happen. According to Vermont Voter Rights, if you find your name is not on the list, the town clerk or presiding officer will immediately investigate and either add your name to the list or explain why you cannot be added. If the town clerk or presiding officer cannot make a determination on Election Day, you may vote by provisional ballot.