Commentary: Voter rights are at risk in Charlotte

Here is what should happen. According to Vermont Voter Rights, if you find your name is not on the list, the town clerk or presiding officer will immediately investigate and either add your name to the list or explain why you cannot be added. If the town clerk or presiding officer cannot make a determination on Election Day, you may vote by provisional ballot.


Commentary: Critters and full moons

Biologists claim the only life-threatening fauna in Vermont are the endangered timber rattlers making their homes in Benson. Benson wasn’t my first choice when I was looking for a home. It’s a nice town, but until I began stacking wood at age 24, I was even afraid of garter snakes, which often confuse woodpiles with condos. Even today, “slither shock” still elicits an adrenalin discharge, but no longer paralysis.

The forgotten history of mass shootings in America

These reminders are not attempts to diminish the atrocity of the Orlando shootings, but rather to rouse an otherwise uninformed nation out of its complicity in an age-old act of war against itself based on prejudicial fear that continues to the present day and will not end until we learn to trust and appreciate each other as equals.

Commentary: Clearing the air around the charter

In my position as election official I will carry out every part of the Charter to the best of my ability, which I have stated previously, “supporting the majority of the voters.” However, also as election official it is my responsibility to point out what may be flaws in this new election process.

Commentary: Town clerk/treasurer’s office—Is it time for a change?

In the February 25, 2016 issue of The Charlotte News, the town clerk/treasurer raised issues related to the proposed town charter and told us, “It’s important to listen to the majority – what does the Town want? […] Do you want one local election day in March to vote and decide all of our budgets or would you rather vote in March and April, splitting up the town and school budgets? This vote is important for everyone, think about what you want. I will be supporting the majority vote.”

Commentary: Political returns at CVU

I shared my path to becoming involved in Vermont politics. I was fortunate to grow up in a home where my parents and siblings regularly engaged in conversations about politics. Discussing current events at the dinner table was as common as sharing the events of our day. My dad, Gerald Krasnow, served the town of Charlotte as a member of the Charlotte School Board, the Charlotte Fire and Rescue Squad, and later as our representative to the Vermont State House.