Health Matters: The dancing brain

If you want to improve the health and structure of your brain—and who doesn’t?—consider dancing. While most of us are aware of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits of dance, there is evidence that regular dancing can also improve the health and function of your brain.


Health Matters: Zika virus – yet another cautionary tale

Remember Ebola? Eleven thousand deaths, lingering chronic complications for thousands, billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs? It should have taught us a lesson. Apparently it did not. Now, just two years later, we are faced with another disease outbreak that has produced thousands of severely damaged infants and children and has quickly moved from Central and South America to Puerto Rico and now to the southern continental U.S.

Health Matters: Hacking the Serenity Prayer

Most of us are familiar with the Serenity Prayer. In essence, it suggests that if we focus on things we have some control over and accept or release the things we don’t, that will bring us greater peace. This is wonderful advice, but it gets a little fuzzy at the end when it mentions having the wisdom to know the difference.

Health Matters: Your hands, your germs, and you

Considering the current political scene, one might conclude that Americans are a pretty phobic lot. Politicians capitalize on the fear of terrorist attack, while statistically Americans are far more likely to be harmed in a neighborhood shooting. Returning to my subway survey, was I seeing a realistic health safety concern or a phobic fear of contagion?

Health Matters

A basic canon of public health practice is that prevention is always the most effective and least costly strategy. What this means for our drinking water is that we must protect the water we have from further threats resulting from human (and animal) activity on and near the surface.