Legislative Report: End of session summary

By Representative Mike Yantachka As the final installment of my legislative reports this year, I thought it would be good to highlight some of the important work the Legislature did over the two years of the biennium. Water quality  In 2015 legislation was passed that will help prevent agricultural runoff from farms, roads and other impervious…

Persistence Pays

Between my first and second years as State Rep, I was talking with Lambert Lussier, proprietor of Spear Street Mowers. He was telling me about a bill that Rep. Martha Heath had introduced a couple of years before that would have helped small equipment dealers like himself to obtain fair reimbursement for warranty work they had to perform under contract with their product distributors.

House passes budget – round 1

The past two weeks saw the introduction of all the money bills the House has constitutional responsibility for developing. These include the budget, the miscellaneous tax bill, the fee bill, the transportation bill, the education funding bill and the capital construction bill. Taken together, they constitute the plan for all the state spending in the next fiscal year from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017 (FY17) and the means to implement the laws and policies enacted by the Legislature.

Reflections on the state of the State

Amid the formal ceremony in the chamber of the House, where the members of the Senate sat in their special seats near the podium, distinguished guests sat in additional chairs in the center of the well of the House, and other special guests sat among the members of the House and in the balcony, Governor Shumlin gave the last state of the State address of his six year tenure.