OutTakes: Tribute to a loony uncle

This OutTake is dedicated to the Minnesota state bird, the common loon. My uncle George was a part of their flock—loony as all get out.


OutTakes: Raking a “Louie liberal” over the coals

I take grief nearly every day as I walk into Spear’s Corner Store to get my newspaper. The gang at the table often greets me as one of a handful of “Louie liberal” voters in East Charlotte. Comments reached new negative highs the other day, though, when I was told that not only was I too liberal for my own good

OutTakes: Why feel the land?

When you can’t get out and about quite as frequently as you used to, you tend to pick up books and spend a good portion of your days reading—that is, of course, unless NHL playoff games are driving your eyes and brain to distraction.

OutTakes:Drumpf de Drumpf Drumpf!

Speaking of cows, I’m asked by dairy mogul Robert Mack on a regular basis to practice saying “President Trump” so that when my vocal chords cringe at the utterance I can at least mumble an understandable title. I am working on it, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.


I don’t want to go too far out on a political limb, but suffice it to say that from my perspective, athletics epitomizes what Bernie Sanders says is wrong with corporate America.