Letters to the Editor

My resignation from the Charlotte Central School Board of Directors will take effect at midnight on the date of distribution of this issue of The Charlotte News: June 16, 2016. The reader should not interpret this as some sort of protest. Had I been going to resign in protest over something or other that would have happened a couple decades ago. This is a simple acknowledgement of the marked disparities between my perspective on education and the perspective which will determine the course of events going forward.


The Board’s Corner

The administrators were creative, thoughtful and thorough in examining every line item of the CCS budget. They began the process by determining priorities to ensure we continue to provide our students with a high quality education.

The Board’s Corner: an update from CCS

The Charlotte School Board and new administrators Barbara Anne Komons-Montroll and Stephanie Sumner met over the summer and continue to work to align staffing with student needs and changing enrollment. The board approved adding a full-time behavioral systems and response coordinator at a special meeting held on August 14, 2015. The administration provided the board at an earlier meeting with the rationale for the proposal.