What do you do with your dog poo? 

About six weeks ago, I finally made it to Town Hall with all the documentation needed to register my hound dog, Homer. He was the 374th dog registered this year. I mentioned to Mary Mead that I was going to write an article about dog poop, and she gave her two cents that more dogs were living in Charlotte than the town has registered. I’m sure that’s true, given I’ve been delinquent now and then! One tidbit of info I found in several places suggested that a typical ecosystem could handle two dogs per square mile. Charlotte is a little more than 40 square miles, and the town has many more dogs than that, even with just the registered ones!


Much ado about a lot

On July 12, the dilapidated structure at 1012 Flat Rock Road on Thompson’s Point sat decaying while the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) denied its owner’s application to demolish and reconstruct it. Originally an outbuilding for the adjacent property, the tumbledown structure sits on lot 128, which was erroneously, illegally subdivided from lot 127 by the Selectboard two years ago.

Taxing issue

As the municipal tax rate is set to increase from 14.39 cents to 17.67 cents per $100 assessed property value, taxpayers are struggling to understand if the recent consolidation of CSSU school districts under Act 46 is the culprit. After all, Town Administrator Dean Bloch said in reference to the three-cent increase, “The main driver in the increase was the state education tax rates.” But the facts, when examined a little more closely, don’t necessarily point an accusatory finger at unification for the jump.

Seguin Bridge laid bare

The Seguin Bridge off Roscoe Road has been stripped for long overdue repairs. Soon the roof will be removed and set aside on the north side of the bridge to repair the top chords which have been badly damaged by insects. The sides will come off and then the entire floor will be demolished and replaced. This project will cost $431,048, but thanks to the Vermont Historic Bridge Program, will only cost the town $2,000. For more details on the Seguin (or do you call it Sequin?) Bridge restoration project (and to find out which is correct), see Mel Huff’s article in our June 17 issue here: goo.gl/VF6xF0. Photo: Ruah Swennerfelt

The Town Plan gets an overhaul

The most recent amendment to the old Town Plan, adopted at Town Meeting Day on March 1, 2016, was “needed as a ‘stop-gap,’” Bloch said, “because of the many energy siting applications the town has received.” Some of those applications include solar arrays at the foot of Mount Philo and at Fisher’s Landing near the Charlotte Ferry.

South bound traffic woes

Drivers on Route 7 will face delays in the coming weeks, as the reconstruction from the Ferrisburgh/Charlotte Town line north for three miles to the Ferry Road intersection continues. During the remainder of this week, crews will focus on constructing the traffic detour along the west side of US 7.

Here’s Your Shot!

The Charlotte News invites amateur photographers of all ages to enter its 11th Annual Peter Coleman Photo Contest. Winning photographs will be printed in our August 11 issue and displayed at Town Hall.