The only question left

The elevator doors opened onto the panoramic view that reliably instilled me with awe. Those towers, glittering against that blue, blue sky. There was smoke pouring out of one of them. Then I saw the second plane hit.


Seriously funny 

When Charlotter Woody Keppel takes the stage in Burlington during this weekend’s Festival of Fools, he will be wearing many hats. As co-founder and artistic director of the event, which celebrates its 9th year from July 29-31, Keppel understands how vital a citywide festival is to the social and economic health of Vermont. And as a performer Keppel is acutely—and reverently—aware of the important roles that comedy and spectacle play in our society.

What it takes

That night I took away tips of all different sections to a newspaper and ended wondering, “How do these people do their jobs so well?” I don’t know yet, but I hope curiosity and perseverance is all it takes.

Vote local

A “yes” vote on Act 46 by the Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU), Champlain Valley Union School District and school districts for five towns—Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George and Williston—will form a new consolidated supervisory district, fully operational by July 1, 2017.

OutTakes:Drumpf de Drumpf Drumpf!

Speaking of cows, I’m asked by dairy mogul Robert Mack on a regular basis to practice saying “President Trump” so that when my vocal chords cringe at the utterance I can at least mumble an understandable title. I am working on it, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.

Solar powered, mission-driven

After worship services at the Charlotte Congregational Church on Sunday morning, October 18, a hale and hearty group gathered near the parsonage for the dedication of a new solar panel project that carries the church’s mission-driven efforts forward into the larger community—for generations to come.