Persistence Pays

Between my first and second years as State Rep, I was talking with Lambert Lussier, proprietor of Spear Street Mowers. He was telling me about a bill that Rep. Martha Heath had introduced a couple of years before that would have helped small equipment dealers like himself to obtain fair reimbursement for warranty work they had to perform under contract with their product distributors.


Highlights and hot points at Town Meeting

There was barely a political sign or a badge in sight outside of CCS on March 1, unless you count the floppy Kasich signs along Charlotte Hinesburg Rd. No one was in competition on the ballot, so the local political scene was ice cold. The presidential primary was, of course, another matter.

Selectboard looks ahead

The Selectboard at its March 7 meeting had the same look about it as last year with Lane Morrison and Matt Krasnow having been returned for new terms. The opening action was to vote Lane Morrison into the chair for his third year. Matt Krasnow was voted in as vice chairman.

Town Meeting Results, Charlotte, Vt.

Town Meeting came and went. Charlotters cast their votes. Results for the local elected
positions are still being counted. CVU budget will be counted and announced by CSSU. What follows are the results as of 11:20 p.m., March 1, 2016.